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Do you have access to an online community that can participate in surveys? If so, you could be a Marketplace supplier! Lucid provides opportunities for businesses like yours to integrate with our platform and have your audience answer surveys.

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Global Supply Community
Join a community of suppliers that includes research panels, rewards/loyalty programs, ad networks, publishers, panel management platforms, and more.

Benefits for Online Audiences
We match your online audience with relevant surveys from our Marketplace – and they get paid for every survey they complete.

Guidance from our Team
Our team of integration experts will guide you in maximizing your online audience’s opportunities and help you build a technology stack.

Lucid partners with more than 350 global suppliers.

Build the potential of your online audience.

Real-time Survey Opportunities

The Marketplace uses programmatic technology to connect with researchers. That means your respondents are immediately matched with the surveys they qualify for – in real-time.

Flexible Technology Solutions

You can connect via APIs or our ready-to-launch option to send respondents to the Marketplace. Our team will work with you to determine which solution is best suited for your needs.

Expert Consultation

Whether you have an established research panel, or you’re looking to make additional revenue from your online audience, our team will help you find a solution.

Enhanced User Engagement

Our technology empowers you to make decisions about survey opportunities that are in the best interest of your online community.

Find Survey Opportunities in the LUCID Marketplace.

If an API integration is not right for you, you can be matched with surveys in the Marketplace using our ready-to-launch access option, Supply Link.

Marketplace Supply Link

Use a web link to send your online community to Marketplace surveys they qualify for.

  • No integration required
  • Respondents can start completing surveys immediately

“Lucid Marketplace’s ease of use, volume and quality of demand is truly head and shoulders above the rest, but perhaps even more impressive is their team’s attentiveness and responsiveness in supporting MobileVoice by Tapjoy with all of our Market Research needs. The Lucid team is an important partner for supplying surveys to our growing panel of over 50M users!”

Travis Anderson
Senior Director, Business Development at Tapjoy
Marketplace Supply

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