“Previously, with phone research, it was limited – maybe we could do a couple of surveys a day or a couple of surveys a week. With the API integration we have with Lucid, we’re launching 20 to 30 tests a day.”

Rishi Guahray
Survey Scientist, Civis Analytics
Marketplace Customer

“It’s speed, scale, and diversity. Representativeness is what we want, and that means calling from multiple sources. We know that different types of people join different panels and come in through different types of partners. So that’s a real value prop.”

Roddy Knowles
VP, Research & Customer Success, Feedback Loop (formerly Alpha)
Marketplace Customer

“Lucid is fast. And it’s important to a small company to be fast. It can be 10:00 PM, and our CEO says, ‘I want to run a study on this, can we launch it tonight?’ And we can get it programmed, in the field, edited, checked up, and running”

Jonathan Nadeau
Field Manager & Analyst, Abacus Data
Marketplace Customer

“Lucid is, far and away, the easiest to use and the fastest way for us to buy sample and get the insights that our customers are looking for. The vast majority of the sample we’re buying is through Lucid.”

John Madeira
Manager, Research, Feedback Loop (formerly Alpha)
Marketplace Customer

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