Now Available: Basics of ResTech Video Series

If you weren’t able to attend our Basics of ResTech webinar series, you can still access the presentations! Videos from each session are now available for you to view. Individual sessions include:


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    Webinar sessions


    Market Research 101

    Graham Idehen, Director, Customer Success EMEA
    Aaron Ball, Senior Consultant, Marketplace Integrations EMEA
    Gurleen Sagoo-Sbrighi, Senior Account Manager EMEA

    Presentation Description:
    Unfamiliar with the power of Market Research? No worries! In this webinar, learn how Market Research can help bridge the divide between global questions and human answers to provide you with better insight on how to grow your business. Plus, explore how the Market Research Industry is evolving with the help of Research Technology (ResTech).

    Speaker Bios:
    Graham Idehen has been at Lucid for 3 years and heads the Lucid post-sales delivery teams in EMEA, as well as the Survey Programming team. He is also a co-founder of CORe, a company heavily involved in improved DE&I within the research industry. Graham has been working within Market Research for over 15 years seeing the evolution from CATI/CAPI to online.

    Aaron Ball is a Senior Integration Consultant, leading Marketplace Integrations across EMEA and APAC. He started his Market Research journey in 2010 as a Project Manager at Dynata before joining Lucid in 2017 as an Integration Consultant.

    Gurleen is a Senior Account Manager within the EMEA Lucid team. Gurleen brings to the team 13 years of experience within the research industry, starting off her career as a CATI interviewer, moving into Project Management of data collection across various methodologies and most recently sales in a ResTech organisation.

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    The Future of Media Measurement

    Laura Manning, Director, Strategic Partnerships

    Presentation Description:
    During this session, attendees will learn about how measuring the impact of advertising plays a major role in the ResTech industry. Listeners will also be able to learn how Lucid’s Impact Measurement product allows users to measure brand lift and optimize media performance in real-time.

    Speaker Bio:
    Laura Manning leads strategic partnerships and media integrations at Lucid. She joined Lucid in 2014 and has worked across many teams and functions in her time here, including professional services, account management, and business development.

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    Generate New Revenue as a Survey Sample Supplier

    Riley Croft, Senior Director, Marketplace Supply

    Presentation Description:
    Lucid’s unique open marketplace model empowers any online platform to engage their audience and grow new lines of revenue. In this webinar, learn how to leverage supplier access to Lucid Marketplace – the world’s largest source of online surveys – to produce and sell quality insights.

    Speaker Bio:
    Riley Croft leads Lucid’s global strategy for expansion of the Marketplace supply chain and the team responsible for vetting and onboarding new suppliers. He holds a B.S in Engineering from Clemson University and and M.B.A. from the University of South Carolina.

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    Improving Respondent Experience

    Holladay Saltz, Senior UX Designer

    Presentation Description:
    At the other end of every survey there are people. Real people with real lives, real struggles, real needs. Because research is focused on outcomes (we want answers and we want them quickly) it’s easy to forget that what we make when we make a survey is a request to another human being< We’re asking for a real person’s time, attention, and personal information– all precious, all intimate. We can’t get to our outcomes without such requests. It stands to reason that how we make those requests makes a big difference– from the tenor of the system as a whole down to the quality of the answers.

    As research technologists, how might we harness the systems we use to foster respect and compassion? What are better design decisions that privilege the preciousness of the very time and attention we require? In this session we’ll cover some overall best practices, inflection points for systemic change, and how Lucid is thinking about these issues in addressing our own respondent experience as we move into 2021.

    Speaker Bio:
    Holladay is a designer and researcher with a long history working with complex software products and networked objects. She previously served as Product Lead for General Electric’s Flight Analytics portfolio and has worked with a variety of companies and research institutes including United Technologies, Toyota’s Calty Design Research, USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, the Institute of Play, and the Institute for the Future of the Book. Her main focus is in understanding how complex technological systems shape human interaction and society. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design.

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