Faster, Better, More Consistent: Marketplace Product and Tech Q1 Update

Apr 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Marketplace & Monetization Roadmap

If you’re wondering what the Lucid Tech and Product Development team has been up to behind our laptops and coffee mugs, today is your lucky day. We’re launching the first 2019 Product & Tech quarterly update. But, before I jump into the latest and greatest progress we’ve made toward optimizing user experience, feasibility, and API integrations, let’s talk about our roadmap.

Our 2019 Marketplace & Monetization roadmap can be boiled down into three themes: faster, better, and more consistent. What’s driving our product roadmap decisions? Our goal is to provide you with a higher-quality ecosystem to get you what you need from our platform, while making the most efficient use of your (or your respondent’s) time.

We are always striving to bring the right opportunity to the right respondent at the right time – by providing a better suite of tools and workflows to get your projects into field and to completion, while keeping you on time and within budget. So, without further ado, here are the improvements we brought to market in the first quarter of 2019.


Marketplace users have likely noticed a refresh in their workflow. That’s because our Design & Product Development teams have been releasing updates to each and every screen in our programmatic buying interface. In Q1 alone, we rolled out more than 20 redesigned screens!

While we are maintaining parity in functionality, users are likely to experience significant improvements in load times and fewer inconsistencies throughout the platform. These pages also have a new, more consistent design that you will see across Marketplace and many of Lucid’s other products in Q2.


A message for users who are new to the platform and not sure how much a project will cost: it’s time to try our updated feasibility tool, Reach. In Q1, we refreshed the technology and data powering Reach – and rolled out to 19 more countries. Using Reach, you can feel confident in your project bids as you bring work into the Lucid Marketplace.

Monetization API

Our Product team identified speed of opportunity as a key driver for our roadmap this year. We have scoped out many changes to our infrastructure and APIs to get opportunities to our Monetization partners in a more timely fashion, with less overhead for all.

In Q1, Lucid Tech delivered several feature improvements, resulting in a year-over-year 94% reduction in response times to some of our most popular API calls! These improvements were delivered without any intervention or necessary changes by our partners. We anticipate more behind-the-scenes optimizations like these throughout the year.
In addition to improvements, Lucid Tech is investing time into developing new features for our Monetization partners. In Q1, we officially started support for our Filterable Offerwall, enabling partners to programmatically receive surveying opportunities that match their audience’s needs. We also released updated reporting endpoints for partners to receive respondent-level information through our API. We’re particularly excited to announce the rollout of these two features, as they have been on the roadmap for some time.

What’s Coming in Q2?

We have a lot going on behind the scenes. In Q2, our customers can look forward to seeing more updates to the Marketplace UI, with a refresh of the Quotas workflow. Our Monetization partners will be able to sign up to test out a new feature, which will enable them to further refine which opportunities they select for their respondents.

The Lucid Tech and Product Development team is committed to providing our customers with an exceptional product experience. We’ll continue rolling out improvements that make finding the right audience for your project seamless, from inception to close. And as always, we will focus on delivering higher quality software to our Lucid community.

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