Finishing What We Started: Lucid Branding Evolution

You might remember our 2015 rebranding, when we became Lucid. That was a big moment for us. We’d finally created a brand identity that represented everything our company stands for: transparency, openness, knowledge, and clarity. Our company had matured and we were growing up.

It was a busy, exciting time. Lucid was moving and growing quickly, similar to now – and the majority of our attention was dedicated to developing systems and processes that supported our clients. Looking back, I can tell you we didn’t have much time to explore how (and if) previous iterations of our brand would fit into our new Lucid identity.

In 2015, we became Lucid – but not completely. And it’s time to finish what we started three years ago. It’s time to truly embrace our Lucid evolution – that means shedding the “Federated Sample,” Fulcrum” and “Proof” sub-brands and simplifying the way we offer our products and services.

It’s time to become more Lucid.

Starting today, we are making our products (and their benefits) clearer.

We are excited to announce three new product sets that bring this clarity to life – Marketplace, Monetization, and Audience.

Do you have surveys or questions that need human answers? Our Marketplace solutions give you access to tens of millions of available respondents, ready to answer any question you might have.

Do you have a panel or online audience that can provide answers to researchers, businesses, or individuals? Our Monetization solutions will connect your respondents to surveys.

Do you need to validate your ad campaigns or audience targeting? Our Audience products use targeted surveys to measure all aspects of digital media.

See? Simple.

Even though we are simplifying the way we talk about our products, we know your needs are unique. Our Lucid experts still have the unique solutions you require. We’re just making it easier for you to find and implement those solutions.

If you currently work with us, you’ll notice some small changes in the way we talk about our products and services, but rest assured, your day-to-day workflow will remain the same. And I assure you that as we rollout new products and features, you’ll find that everything has become a bit more intuitive and easier to use.

In addition to a simplified product structure and a few in-product changes, we’re excited to launch a more “Lucid” website. The new site makes it easier for everyone to understand  the solutions we offer. I encourage you to explore it. I bet you’ll learn something about Lucid that you didn’t know before.

You might miss some of our old sub-brands – I know I will. They helped us reach some pretty big milestones over the last eight years. But, this evolution helps to pay off an ongoing promise I have to you and all our customers:

We will always strive to live up to our name.

We will be Lucid in the way we talk about our products. We will provide you with Lucid solutions. And our Lucid solutions enable clear, powerful insights.

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