How On-Time Data Can Transform Your Online Survey Community

Sep 14, 2021 | Monetization

The expectation of “speed to insight” seems to grow every day. Businesses need high-quality survey data as quickly as they can get it. For the online communities that help supply survey data, getting faster access to survey opportunities and user-level data is a big competitive advantage. Data “suppliers” may be anyone who manages or operates an online community of users who can participate in surveys. For any type of supplier, improving the efficiency of the survey process delivers greater revenue. It also means the most critical component of success centers on the ability to match respondents with the right surveys, quickly,  for the maximum EPC (earning per click) value.

As a supplier, investing in better tech is the best way to get the survey opportunities you want – and optimizing your tech stack with a solution like the Lucid’s Marketplace Supply API, On-Time Supply (OTS), is a simple and effective approach. I’ll outline all the features of OTS that make it such a valuable tool for suppliers. 


On-Time Supply: What is Lucid’s Next Generation API?

On-Time Supply (OTS) is a Marketplace Supply API that Lucid developed to help suppliers access survey opportunities as soon as they become available. It also provides valuable user-level data to ensure that all surveys and processes (including respondent behavior) are operating correctly within a supplier’s platform. Ultimately, the new API  was designed to meet real world needs, helping to build the value of our suppliers’ online communities and businesses. 


Suppliers are empowered to make better decisions, faster

Respondents are no longer matched with surveys manually. Instead, the Opportunities endpoint in OTS proactively delivers new survey opportunities every 15-seconds, where traditional offerwall systems can take over 3 minutes. This means you get new survey opportunities and updates immediately after the buyer launches a survey, or changes in decisioning dependent data, such as CPI and Quotas, are adjusted. 

Because the surveys are delivered pre-filtered to your exact standards, you only receive the surveys you want. The reduction in overhead will put less strain on your systems, and enable you to quickly determine which surveys are best allocated to which respondents. 

Upon completion of the survey, you are instantly informed of the outcome status of the respondent session (via the OTS: Respondent Outcomes endpoint). This rapid delivery of respondent outcome data enables you to manage reconciliations on the fly, monitor security, and collect your earnings data immediately. 


OTS supports new money-making opportunities with recontact studies 

In addition to near real-time delivery of survey opportunities and user-level data, the OTS subscription includes support for “recontact” study types, where researchers ask follow-up questions of respondents who’ve previously taken a survey on your platform. Recontact studies are proven to enhance respondent engagement with healthy inventory and higher value transactions: so far, the 2021 average CPI was $2.27 and conversion rate was 48% for recontact studies in the Lucid Marketplace. 

With OTS, suppliers will immediately get notified if any of their respondents qualify for a recontact study. 


You can maximize EPC through the precision data points

We know EPC (earnings per click) is one of the most important metrics to a supplier, so we’ve made it easy for you to maximize it. We’ve recently expanded the OTS Opportunities subscription message to include three new decision points:

Quals & Quotas: Allows you to receive the quota, qualifications for that quota, and the cost of that quota for any opportunity on your Watch List. The rapid delivery of quota updates enables you to quickly adjust to market conditions, as they happen.

EPC & Mobile Conversion: Including Earning Per Click (EPC) data and Mobile conversion rates in the OTS message removes the need to call our Allocations API endpoint. This saves integration resources, and ensures this data is included with every survey update, giving you a deeper understanding of your performance.

Message Reason: This field describes the reason a supplier is receiving a message about any given survey:

  • New – first time the supplier has seen the survey
  • Updated – an update to a currently tracked survey
  • Deactivated – an update to a currently tracked survey, which is making this survey untracked (such as negative CPI)
  • Reactivated – an update to a previously tracked (but currently untracked), which is causing it to be tracked again

Additionally, the “Message Reason”  field is an easy way to closely monitor the change state of every survey in the message stream in near real time.


Get started with your On-Time Supply API integration

The integration is easy to implement and highly effective for suppliers. That’s because we’ve taken the time to fully refine the integration process.

On Time Supply API is battle tested from two years of production releases and iterations. In fact, OTS has become the de facto API solution for our highest producing suppliers. For perspective, consider that our OTS Opportunities API currently processes more than 20,000 messages per minute, while maintaining a 99.9% uptime. Imagine how your online survey community could benefit from on-time data at that speed. 

Integrating with OTS is simple.  We provide detailed documentation, with Customer Success Managers and Integration Consultant teams working with you every step of the way.


Click here to learn more about starting an OTS integration!

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