How the Lucid Partner Program is Changing the Sample Ecosystem

Feb 20, 2020 | Monetization

How a Partner Program Works within a Marketplace

A marketplace is only as successful as the suppliers and buyers that transact within it. Despite the fact that many online platforms are considered “marketplaces,” we believe the hallmarks of a true marketplace are open transparency and pure competition among its participants. The Lucid Marketplace remains the world’s only such platform for survey sample transactions, and we are excited to announce the launch of the Lucid Partner Program to further advance these core tenets – and phase one of the program will focus on Lucid’s supply partnerships.

Given Lucid’s role in ensuring the integrity of Marketplace transactions, the Lucid Partner Program enhances trust in the Marketplace supply chain. As a programmatic marketplace, Lucid owns neither the surveys nor the sources of respondents; we simply offer a secure connection between the two. Lucid Marketplace supply partners (sellers) selectively compete for transactions and therefore build their brands with Marketplace buyers directly. 

Partnerships with Direct Marketplace Sellers

Since the early days of the Lucid Marketplace, the direct suppliers who are integrated with Lucid have been the lifeforce of our platform. Today, this is still the case. Our direct supply partners are vital to the success of the Lucid Marketplace. With any marketplace, however, the need to evolve is constant, and we have begun to implement more rigorous standards to benefit both our platform and its participants. 

The Lucid Partner Program establishes a formal framework for equitable supplier participation and articulates the basic requirements for technology and security/quality protocols. Lucid is excited to implement these new standards that will continue to build both buyer and supplier trust and further elevate the integrity of all marketplace transactions.

Supply Technology Partnerships

The Partner Program is also creating new opportunities for third-party suppliers. While Lucid’s direct suppliers leverage supply integration solutions like our Monetization API or Monetization Link, some third-party supply partners require a different path to programmatically compete on the Lucid Marketplace. 

Our Partner Program has created a cohort of technology partners that can empower third-party suppliers who otherwise lack the capability to directly connect with the Lucid Marketplace. That means any potential supplier who cannot integrate with Lucid can instead use a channel partnership with one of our Supply Technology Partners to access the Marketplace. 

Some third-party suppliers may have the technology to integrate with Lucid, but many of them have still found that leveraging a channel partnership is a better option for their particular business model. For example, our Supply Technology Partners often provide solutions for key business needs that help third-party suppliers to further monetize their user base.

The launch of the Lucid Partner Program is an exceptionally exciting time for us! We are committed to bridging the divide between global questions and human answers and confident that our Partner Program will further expand Lucid’s ability to drive quality insights and create revenue for global businesses. 

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