Lucid Quality: End of Year Release

Dec 14, 2017 | Marketplace, Quality, Monetization

By: Courtney Williams, Executive Director of Quality

Lucid is proud to lead the industry with the first independent measurement of sample quality. Each quarterly update of the Lucid Quality Program provides reflection on the evolution and future of sample quality.

As 2017 comes to a close and we approach the program’s third anniversary – we are excited to continue to lead the charge in assuring the quality of sample. The latest evolution gives us an opportunity to automate the fielding, improve the respondent experience and advance the scientific rigor of the program.

The Lucid Supplier Quality Program
The overarching objective of the Lucid Supplier Quality Program is to collaborate with the world’s top research companies to discover, identify and report on respondent level behaviors, source composition and latent supplier characteristics that impact quality most.

Methodology Change
Late this summer, we announced our new fielding methodology with the objective to improve the program’s scientific rigor, respondent experience, and fully automate fielding:

  • Respondents are now randomly assigned to the Quality survey for the duration of field, which is conducted over the course of the quarter
  • Improved pacing for increased representivity over time of field
  • Fielding is now fully automated, meaning no manual intervention by Lucid, buyers, or supply partners. This double-blind methodology ensures clear objectivity
  • Modularization”! We trimmed our 12-minute survey into 4 short modules, about two minutes each, within the Fulcrum prescreening environment, improving the respondent experience while maintaining data integrity – welcome to the sample future

The Results
Together with the independent expertise of Chuck Miller of DM2, we have traditionally published three main areas of focus: quality of respondent data (Q Score), consistency of source composition (Consistency), and overall data quality at the project level (Acceptance).

We recognize that with our transition in methodology as discussed above, we no longer have historical sample composition scores from which to calculate a Consistency Score and have refrained from including it in this quarter’s release.

For the first time, we’ve also included self-reported data on Exchange suppliers’ progress toward complying with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will continue to provide GDPR compliance updates leading up to the EU’s May 25, 2018 compliance enforcement date.

We’re proud to announce this quarter’s results!

The Future of Quality
We originally under-appreciated the unique role Lucid could play in not only reporting but improving sample quality. We now recognize, and fully embrace, our responsibility to serve as a gatekeeper of sample quality in our marketplace. To drive this forward, we are excited to release our first results using our updated fielding methodology.

As we continue expanding our responsibility to providing sample buyers with high-quality data, expect to see a continued expansion of the Supplier Quality Program. We will be reincorporating the Consistency Score in future releases. We will also continue expanding the Lucid Quality Program to international markets with our new methodology as we continue rapidly adding feasibility outside of the United States.

Contact us at to learn more or provide feedback!

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