Lucid Supplier Quality Scores: Q4 Results

Feb 23, 2018 | Marketplace, Quality, Monetization

The new year is in full swing, and Lucid’s supply partners are kicking it off with a strong start. In our mission to enhance sample quality, the Lucid Supplier Quality Program has continued to track and report on respondent behaviors, sample sources, and other supplier characteristics that impact quality.

The results (collected in Q4 of 2017) were measured by the following criteria:

  1. QScore: A percentage “grade” based on traditional quality measures of survey responses (e.g. time spent, attention to detail, open-end quality)
  2. Acceptance: The percentage of a sample provider’s respondents ultimately accepted by buyers at the project level

Each quarterly update allows Lucid to illustrate the progressing state of our industry. Our partners’ continued involvement in the Quality Program underscores the sample ecosystem’s commitment to quality. We are pleased to announce that our latest results  – which analyze supplier data from the previous quarter – show that both security and quality are improving.

We are also working with participating UK suppliers to launch the Supplier Quality Program into our first international market. Last quarter, we successfully completed beta fielding in the UK, which provided valuable supplier insights to help us initiate an official launch of the program. Currently, Lucid is collaborating with UK suppliers to ensure that we are on track with our goal of publishing our first results in Q2.

Finally, to prepare for the upcoming GDPR requirements, we have been tracking the status of suppliers with a compliance obligation. We will update the supplier compliance statuses just before the May 2018 deadline, and you can look forward to seeing those results in Q2. Stay tuned!

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