Our “Secret Sauce” for Ad Effectiveness? The Lucid Marketplace.

Nov 1, 2021 | Media Measurement

For many brands, developing ad campaigns that place them top-of-mind for buyers can be a challenge. While there are a multitude of elements that make a strong campaign, knowing if your ads are visible, impactful, and memorable to buyers is imperative. By utilizing Lucid’s Impact Measurement product, agencies, advertisers, and publishers can measure ad effectiveness and optimize their campaign efforts in real-time. This unique solution is powered by the Lucid Marketplace, which allows us to instantly survey people who have seen your ads and gauge campaign success. 


Combining Research Technology with Ad Measurement

Thanks to the power and scale of our Marketplace, we welcome projects that other research vendors cannot or will not run on. More importantly, our customers prefer Lucid’s media measurement solutions due to our ability to deliver thousands of exposed survey respondents cut by site, tactic, placement, and/or creative, in addition to our ability to ingest custom variables like ad viewability or site visitation data. 

Lucid’s Marketplace technology allows our team to reach a wide scale of respondents in both US and International markets (including Europe and Asia) for brand lift studies. That means we’re able to take on complex, niche projects as well as simple ones, and also allows us to measure media for global brands who are running in multiple markets with region-specific media plans.

Surveying Respondents Who Have Seen Your Ad

Our streamlined, API-driven tech stack allows for speed of delivery when trying to measure one-day homepage takeovers, media blitzes, or limited impression campaigns. This tech-first approach differentiates us from others in the media measurement landscape and, most importantly, allows our partners and clients to get results and make decisions in real-time for their brand work.  

For more niche work, our technology allows us to filter by the custom demographic targeting our customers are using on their advertising campaigns – such as DMA (designated market area), age, gender, household income, presence of children in the household, and more. This niche targeting capability allows our partners to get significant reads on their ad campaigns, even when they are only running media targeted to women 18-34 in LA, NYC, and San Francisco for a brand launch. 

Harnessing the Scale of the Lucid Marketplace

Beyond complex work, our platform enables us to deliver thousands of exposed survey completes, so campaigns can be analyzed by site, tactic, creative, and other niche data cuts. Our team typically recommends roughly 1M impressions for every 100 exposed survey completes in the US, which allows for plenty of scale on most media campaigns. With the power of the Lucid Marketplace and our 250+ global panel providers, we’re also able to run at scale in other markets beyond the US. 

By combining the vast scale of Marketplace with our simple 1×1 image pixel (as well as advanced server-to-server integrations and cookie syncs with other platforms), we can determine if a survey respondent has been exposed to an ad in real-time. The minute a respondent is exposed, our software is able to detect that flag in addition to knowing site, placement, and creative ID and ask the respondent relevant brand questions. 

Using Lucid’s unique technology, our customers are able to gain valuable, actionable insights that inform their advertising efforts. To learn more about our ad effectiveness solutions, visit our Impact Measurement page!


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