P2Sample and Lucid Partner on Respondent Experience

Jun 5, 2018 | Press, Marketplace

The technology will allow Lucid to react to P2Sample respondents’ in-survey interactions and see P2Sample studies’ conversion rate, financial performance and response count.

The new tool is the latest addition to the companies’ integration partnership.

Mathijs de Jong, Chief Executive Officer at P2Sample, said: “Providing this kind of technology and insight to the Lucid team makes our relationship stronger while providing the best overall experience for respondents which is a core value for us.”

Arno Hummerston, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Lucid, added: “This integrated P2 tool means we can leverage their data to optimise the respondent experience and, therefore, the value we bring to our marketplace.”

(Originally posted on Research Live, June 2018)

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