Through Your Looking Glass

In this series, Patrick Comer explores the landscape of Research Technology (ResTech) with experts from the industry and beyond.


ResTech Conference @ NOEW

Lucid is proud to present the inaugural Research Technology Conference. 

Join us on March 24th for a closer look at the rise of ResTech.


About Patrick Comer

Patrick Comer is passionate about Research Technology (ResTech) and its ever-growing potential. As the Founder and CEO of LUCID, Patrick is an expert in ResTech and enterprise sample marketplaces. Since its inception in 2010, LUCID has become one of the most successful tech startups in New Orleans. 


Rob Holland

Rob Holland

Episode 1

In this episode, we’ve covered some hot topics – the effect branding has on customers and their perception, and ResTech, a term that stands for “research technology.” Read more

Sima Vasa

Sima Vasa

Episode 2

2020 was quite a challenging year. The coronavirus outbreak changed the world. It reshaped our everyday life and had a significant impact on the global economy. Read more

Mendy Orimland

Mendy Orimland

Episode 3

Is facing the unknown a challenge or an opportunity? Or, is it both? You'll get the answer to these questions from Mendy Orimland, the Chief Revenue Officer of Prodege. Read more

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